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Charm City ranks sixth in dog and animal bites

On Behalf of | Apr 23, 2018 | Dog And Animal Bites |

According to the United States Postal Service, the number of dog bites involving its workers decreased during the past year, but the overall numbers are still high. The USPS reported there were over 6,000 attacks on postal workers in Maryland and across the country. That is 500 fewer dog and animal bites than the year before.

While the numbers were down statewide, Baltimore ranked sixth in the country with 44 animal attacks last year, eight more than the number of reported cases in 2016. Postal Service Safety Directors contribute the decrease to continued education, training and advanced technology that alerts carriers to dogs on their routes. The same scanners used to confirm deliveries can also indicate the presence of a dog.

The USPS suggests that customers place dogs in a separate room before a carrier delivers or picks up packages. They also recommend that children and family members not take mail directly from carriers in an animal’s presence since it can be interpreted as a threatening gesture. If a carrier feels threatened by an animal, owners may be asked to pick up mail at the post office. Unfortunately, this may apply to neighbors as well if an animal is roaming freely in the neighborhood.

Although dog and animal bites involving postal workers in Maryland and across the country are down, the numbers are still high in Baltimore. The long-term effects of dog bites can cause financial hardship from lost earnings and medical expenses, and for some, the emotional trauma remains even after the physical wounds heal. For those who have suffered an animal attack, a consultation with an attorney may help them determine if monetary compensation is possible.

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