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Jury awards $1.3 million in medical malpractice lawsuit

On Behalf of | May 21, 2018 | Medical Malpractice |

A trip to the doctor for treatment of a fever is typically a routine experience. For one mother it turned into a nightmare of pain, swelling and permanent disfigurement of her child’s hand. They were awarded $1.3 million after filing a medical malpractice lawsuit against the medical center. Those of Maryland who believe they have been victims of medical negligence may have options for legal recourse.

According to court documents, the child was admitted to the hospital for a fever. He had no other symptoms and had no prior medical history. In the hospital, the boy suffered from IV infiltration — a condition where the medicine seeps under the skin and into the muscle instead of going into the bloodstream.  This was apparently due to a large patch of dead skin that covered the back of the child’s hand.

Once the antibiotics were discontinued and the IV was removed, the boy’s hand and fingers continued to swell, and the site was noted to have pain and edema. After two more hours, an assessment found it to be still swollen with discoloration and blisters. The lawsuit contends that the hospital caused the child unnecessary pain and suffering, emotional distress and permanent impairment and scarring. The jury handed down the verdict in favor of the family after deliberating two days.

No child should ever have to go through such pain and suffering in an incident that could have been prevented. The injuries he received will require additional medical care over the course of his lifetime. In Maryland and other states, those who have suffered injuries because of medical malpractice could be entitled to compensation and may benefit from consulting with an attorney.

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