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Did your car accident cause moderate TBI?

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Car crashes can lead to traumatic injuries that can continue to affect your life for years to come. Most of them fall into the category of those you immediately know about, while others can develop over time.

Traumatic brain injury is likely if the accident injured your head; however, it may be present even if you do not recall sustaining a direct impact to the head. As with any type of accident, follow the usual steps including documentation and seeking medical attention. In addition, it is important to understand that your initial emergency room or doctor’s visit may not have revealed the full extent of your injuries.


Initially, moderate TBI symptoms may include a short period of unconsciousness lasting less than half an hour. Other symptoms can appear gradually. Many of them can seem minor at first: headaches, fatigue, mood swings, lack of focus. Many people also experience some degree of impairment in areas such as speech, movement, hearing, vision, cognition and memory.

If you observe changes in your mental or physical health following your accident, you should see a doctor promptly. Although there is no guaranteed cure for brain damage, a variety of treatment courses may be available to ameliorate the symptoms.


TBI and its symptoms can be disruptive to your life. Even relatively minor levels of discomfort and impairment, when sustained over periods of time, can affect sleep, work, relationships and the general ability to enjoy life. Treatments such as surgery, medication regimens and therapies can result in the expenditure of time and money, interfere with work schedules and cause physical discomfort.

What you can do

Filing a lawsuit can help you recoup some of the resultant losses and compensate you for monetary damages, as well as pain and suffering. Because obtaining an accurate diagnosis and assessing the likely impact of this injury on your future life can take some time, settling immediately after the crash can leave you short of the compensation you really need.

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