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Physician, clinic facing multiple claims of medical malpractice

On Behalf of | Jan 31, 2019 | Medical Malpractice |

The promise of fewer wrinkles, a more distinguished nose or a flatter stomach has often attracted Maryland residents and others around the country to seek plastic surgery. Certainly, no one who seeks to make improvements to their appearance expects to encounter major complications. Unfortunately, a facility in another state has been plagued by a number of deaths and serious problems, following procedures that have led to numerous medical malpractice allegations.

Over the last six years, eight people died at a nationally advertised plastic surgery clinic, while others had severe complications arise, following their procedures. According to reports, the clinic performed as many procedures as possible every day, taking roughly half the time typically spent on each operation. With more apparent focus on quantity than quality, problems continued to mount for the clinic.

While some negative outcomes are possible with any medical procedure, the errors at this Miami clinic were egregious. Four women died quickly after their lungs and hearts were filled with body fat that had been wrongly injected into their muscles and veins. Others required emergency surgeries after their organs were perforated during their procedures. Investigations have shown that the clinic focused advertising toward blue-collar individuals, offering their services at deeply discounted rates.

The clinic changed its name numerous times as problems were identified. However, one 56-year-old physician has remained connected to the facility the entire time. He had previously been suspended for allowing people to perform cosmetic surgery without a license. While criminal investigations continue, several civil lawsuits are underway.

While possible, it is still frightening to think that a routine medical procedure can result in a loved one’s death. It is particularly tragic when the death was caused by a physician’s negligent behavior. Families may choose to pursue wrongful death litigation against the physician or medical facility deemed responsible for their loss. A Maryland personal injury attorney will work with a client to achieve the best outcome possible in a medical malpractice lawsuit.

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