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Family alleging nursing home negligence after father’s death

On Behalf of | Jun 20, 2019 | Nursing Home Negligence |

Many Maryland families and others around the country have to make decisions about providing care to their elderly parents. Often, nursing homes and other skilled care facilities are chosen to provide medical and basic life services. Certainly, much thought and consideration go into selecting a facility that offers quality care and ensures the safety of its residents. Unfortunately, every facility does not live up to these expectations. A family in another state believes that a facility is guilty of nursing home negligence after their father passed away soon after leaving the location.

After the man retired, he had experienced declining health. His family had visited numerous facilities and had chosen a particular one based on the knowledge that the care provided was superior to others they had seen. They were willing to pay the extra fees in order to be confident that their father was receiving the care he needed.

The man lived at the facility less than two months, then sadly passed away just over two weeks after he left the nursing home. His family filed a lawsuit stating that the man had been assaulted while at the facility. The physical, psychological and emotional abuse allegedly contributed to the man’s death, according to court documents. The family contends that the nursing home failed to follow state laws and basic policies and procedures. The facility, however, denies the allegations of negligence and will contest the lawsuit.

When nursing home negligence is suspected, families may choose to file a lawsuit against the facility. A Maryland personal injury attorney can offer advice on how to proceed with the legal process. An experienced lawyer will work diligently with clients to obtain the most favorable outcome possible in the proceedings.

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