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Nursing home negligence is serious concern for many families

On Behalf of | Jul 20, 2019 | Nursing Home Negligence |

The decision to seek qualified care for a beloved family member in failing health is never made without careful deliberation. Once the decision is made, families conduct a search for the facility that will best meet their loved one’s needs. Many Maryland families still worry that their loved one could become a victim of nursing home negligence or abuse.

One nursing home is the focus of two separate investigations for negligent care. A national organization, Families for Better Care, has taken on the task of monitoring nursing home facilities across the country in an effort to help families obtain the best care possible for their loved ones. This group is alarmed over the lack of care at one facility in a southern state. According to the rating system this group uses, this particular state has scored a failing grade over the past three years, based partially on the lack of adequate staffing. 

An investigation conducted by a news station found a disturbing level of neglect. Residents and their families have called for help from local officials to report the poor conditions. Families have resorted to contacting the sheriff’s department in some cases to report serious hygiene problems. A family shared images of a mold-infested catheter and mouth sores and bed sores from lack of care. The sheriff’s department attempted to contact staff members during one 911 call but was unsuccessful. 

The Louisiana State Department of Health and the sheriff’s department are investigating. Once officials have compiled their report, it will be turned over to the District Attorney. Though the conditions at this home have attracted national attention, other cases of nursing home negligence may not be as obvious. Maryland residents who are concerned about the level of care that their loved ones are receiving, or suspect that greater harm has been caused due to negligence, may seek the guidance of an experienced attorney in order to find the most appropriate remedies for their damages. 

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