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Medical malpractice lawsuit results in $8.5 million award

On Behalf of | Aug 25, 2019 | Medical Malpractice |

Most people in Maryland, even without the benefit of medical training, are likely aware of the potential outcomes of a cancer diagnosis as well as the importance of early intervention. Unfortunately, a delayed diagnosis can have serious consequences. In fact, a couple in another state was recently awarded millions of dollars in damages after filing a medical malpractice lawsuit.

The lawsuit, filed in 2017, centered on claims that a radiologist discovered what could have been a tumor on the man’s bladder, but doctors failed to inform the man of this discovery. The man reportedly sought treatment in 2015 because he was suffering from pain on his right side. He was diagnosed with kidney stones, but the radiologist noted a rounded high density area that could potentially be a tumor.

Unfortunately, the doctors who treated the man are accused of failing to order additional tests, notify the man’s primary physician or create a plan of care. In 2017, the man was diagnosed with bladder cancer. A representative for the man claims that the tumor was the same one noted by a radiologist in 2015. Because of the delay, the man had to undergo chemotherapy and surgery, including the removal of his bladder and prostate, and now has a lower life expectancy.

A jury’s decision recently left the man and his wife with an $8.5 million award. The plaintiff, however, insists that there was no medical malpractice. While no health care provider is perfect, failure to notify a patient of a potentially cancerous tumor can have tragic consequences. Often, victims of medical malpractice in Maryland feel like the only way to prevent similar treatment and ensure that they have the funds to cope with the consequences of such negligence is by filing a personal injury lawsuit.

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