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6 injured in Maryland car accident; driver impairment suspected

On Behalf of | Mar 22, 2020 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

When an accident happens, there are certain precautions in place to protect those involved and the first responders who arrive at the scene. For example, vehicles used by law enforcement officers are often equipped with flashing lights to help increase their visibility. Despite these measures, police say that a driver in Maryland crashed into the scene of a previous car accident, sending six people to the hospital.

Police officers were initially on the scene after a 59-year-old woman allegedly drove her vehicle into the back of a pickup truck. Reports indicate that four officers were on the scene with the two vehicles, including an officer in a parked vehicle with lights engaged. Unfortunately, police say that a vehicle driven by a 38-year-old woman crashed into the police car.

The force of the collision reportedly pushed the police car into the three other officers at the scene. The woman’s vehicle continued on, striking the man reportedly involved in the initial collision and his vehicle. The four police officers and two of the civilians were transported to the hospital, with one of the victims requiring transport by helicopter. Police say that suspected marijuana was visible in the younger woman’s vehicle, and she showed signs of impairment.

Though no charges were filed in the immediate aftermath of the car accident, police say that the investigation is ongoing. While the injured officers may qualify for workers’ compensation insurance benefits, all those injured as a result of negligence also have the option of seeking damages against the driver believed to be responsible by filing a personal injury lawsuit. If successfully presented, the Maryland victims could receive a financial award that will help them cope with the financial aftermath of the accident.

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