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Motor vehicle accidents may be caused by flaws with driver assist

On Behalf of | Aug 14, 2020 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Maryland drivers might be under the impression that other drivers whose vehicles are equipped with advanced technology will lead to safer roads and prevent many accidents. While that may be true in the future, there are still flaws with driver assist that can lead to complacency and an auto accident.

Driver mistakes and inattention such as speeding, driving drunk, texting and driving and drowsiness are still problematic, but the systems designed to take control could also have inherent problems that have yet to be addressed. When there is a motor vehicle accident, this could be a key factor in a legal filing.

AAA study examines driver assist and comes to worrisome conclusions

AAA conducted research to gauge the effectiveness of driver assist and came to troubling determinations as to its efficiency and safety. In more than 4,000 miles of research, there was a problem with this technology around every eighth mile. The biggest issue was lane assist. This is designed to maintain the vehicle’s lane. AAA discovered that the vehicle came close to crashing into guardrails or vehicles in other lanes. Seventy-three percent of the errors were due to unexplained lane departures.

The worst performance on a closed course test was when there was a disabled vehicle in front of the vehicle equipped with driver assist technology. There were accidents in nearly two-thirds of these circumstances. The average speed at which the vehicles were moving was 25-mph. Drivers who rely on these advancements are advised to pay attention because the vehicle failed to give a warning when it disengaged. Generally, the system returned control to the driver immediately. When the driver is not ready, it can lead to danger.

Auto accidents can cause extensive problems in a person’s life

Technological advancement is expected to make the roads safer, but these projects are still in their infancy. Automakers are working to perfect them and it is somewhat understandable that there will be gaps.

Still, people who are injured in an auto accident with the other driver deemed to be at fault should be aware of the various potential causes of the collision. Medical expenses can be massive, the person could suffer long-term damage, and there may be problems returning to normal. A full investigation can assess the crash, determine its cause and take appropriate steps to seek compensation.

Insurance companies may try to lowball the injured party to avoid a major payout. Accepting a settlement under these circumstances could be a mistake. Discussing the case with a legal professional experienced in motor vehicle accidents might be able to help with deciding what to do next.

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