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Statistics on motorcycle accidents in Maryland

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As a motorcyclist, you need to review the various risks you face on the road, especially since motorcyclists involved in traffic accidents have a higher chance of losing their lives or sustaining serious injuries when compared to those riding in passenger vehicles. Wearing a proper helmet, increasing visibility and exercising caution when switching lanes can reduce the chances of a crash.

Sadly, even the most cautious motorcyclists can find themselves seriously hurt in an accident as a result of a reckless driver.

Data on motorcycle accidents in Maryland

The Maryland Department of Transportation published data on motorcycle collisions in this state. On an annual basis, these accidents cause almost 1,200 people to suffer injuries while riding on a motorcycle, and over 70 lose their lives. In fact, data shows that motorcyclists involved in traffic accidents suffer injuries almost 75% of the time due to their vulnerability on the road.

Every year, an average of 1,395 motorcycle accidents take place in Maryland, with many occurring during the summer and fall months.

Strategies to reduce the odds of a motorcycle accident

Both drivers and motorcyclists can take steps to prevent motorcycle accidents. Motorcyclists should allow enough space to stop when riding behind vehicles, and you should signal correctly prior to switching lanes. You can ride with your headlight on and wear bright clothing to help drivers see you. Drivers should always check for motorcyclists before switching lanes and recognize their blind spots. Drivers should never cut off motorcyclists or become distracted behind the wheel.

Unfortunately, motorcycle crashes continue to cause devastating injuries across Maryland, and victims need to focus on all aspects of their recovery (including their finances) in the aftermath of an accident.

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