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How can you detect neglect in a nursing home?

On Behalf of | Feb 11, 2022 | Blog, Nursing Home Negligence |

For most families, deciding to transition a loved one to a nursing home is not a simple decision. Like many others, you have probably spent hours comparing options, visiting facilities and helping your family member prepare for the adjustment.

Suspecting that a person you love is the victim of neglect can create extreme concern. Knowing how to detect neglect can help you confidently confront the professionals who have breached your trust.

Physical signs

A reliable nursing home will help your loved one with day-to-day needs. This could include a number of tasks such as grooming, dietary services, exercise and medication administration. According to Healthcare Business Today, signs of neglect may include infections, unexplained injuries and poor hygiene.

If your family member does not receive adequate assistance with grooming, he or she could appear disheveled, dirty and uncomfortable. Bedsores, ongoing infections and injuries that do not heal despite attempts to intervene may all indicate a more serious problem. Paying attention to your family member’s physical condition can tell you a lot about what happens when you are not present.

Emotional signs

You can also watch for emotional signs of neglect. If your family member has always exhibited confidence and enthusiasm in social settings, watch for signs of withdrawal, isolation and disinterest. Depression, fear and anxiety may also result from neglect. Make an active effort to communicate with your loved one. Establish a consistent visitation pattern and even show up unannounced at times.

Your effort to stay involved in your family member’s care may help to prevent mistreatment. However, if you notice concerns and facility staff do nothing to resolve them, you may need to file a formal complaint with the proper authorities.

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