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What back injuries may result from slip and fall incidents?

On Behalf of | Jun 1, 2022 | Blog, Injuries |

Back injuries can happen for many reasons. In particular, slip and fall incidents send many people to the emergency room every year and do even more damage than most people know.

What type of back injuries commonly occur because of slip and fall incidents? What should individuals know about these injuries?

Damages slip and fall injuries do

Cleveland Clinic looks into back injuries and the damage that results from them. Slip and fall incidents happen when a victim trips over a hazard on the floor, slips on something slick, wet or slippery, and falls because of it. Head injuries often end up associated with these incidents, but back injuries happen just as often.

Common problems associated with slip and fall injuries include back sprains and strains, along with muscle and tendon tears, ruptures or other forms of damage.

In extreme cases, a victim may even break the bones of their spine or cause damage to the spinal cord itself. This can lead to trouble with mobility, along with nerve damage and related issues. This can result in numbness or tingling, pain, prickling sensations, the feeling of burning or chills, and trouble with fine motor skills.

Variances in severity

The severity of a back injury will often depend on the severity of the incident leading up to it. For example, if a victim falls a farther distance before hitting the floor, the impact will leave more intense damage in its wake.

Back injuries and pain can truly turn a person’s life upside down in the most unexpected of ways. Getting immediate medical treatment is important for the overall improvement of life quality.

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