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How strong are a dog’s jaws?

On Behalf of | Jul 6, 2022 | Dog And Animal Bites |

Even if a dog is comparatively small, its bite may leave you with injuries that are both catastrophic and life-changing. Furthermore, in addition to suffering physical wounds, you may be vulnerable to post-traumatic stress disorder or other psychological injuries.

While they happen with some regularity throughout the year, dog bites become more common during the summer. This is because more individuals tend to be outside and near dogs when temperatures are warm. Before reaching down to pet a strange dog on your summertime walk, you may want to know exactly how strong the dog’s jaws are.

Stronger than humans

A human’s jaw has the potential to bite down with around 120 pounds per square inch of force. If a child or adult has ever bitten you, you undoubtedly know just how painful 120 psi of force can be.

According to reporting from PetKeen, most canine jaws are capable of delivering at least twice the force of a human bite. In fact, when a dog bites into your flesh, you may experience upwards of 700 psi of force.

Worse than others

Some dogs have a stronger bite than others, of course, with an animal’s breed and size each contributing to bite force. As adults, the following dog breeds tend to have more forceful bites than other dogs:

  • Kengal
  • Bandog
  • Cane Corso
  • Dogue de Bordeaux
  • Torsa Inu

It is advisable to exercise additional caution when interacting with these dog breeds. Ultimately, though, if a dog’s forceful bite injures you, you may have grounds to seek significant financial compensation from the animal’s owner.

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