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6 injured in Maryland car accident; driver impairment suspected

When an accident happens, there are certain precautions in place to protect those involved and the first responders who arrive at the scene. For example, vehicles used by law enforcement officers are often equipped with flashing lights to help increase their visibility. Despite these measures, police say that a driver in Maryland crashed into the scene of a previous car accident, sending six people to the hospital.

Driver in Maryland car accident sentenced to prison

Most drivers on Maryland roadways are committed to safety and many practice defensive driving. However, there are some accidents that even the safest drivers are unable to avoid, often leaving them and their passengers suffering from serious injuries. In fact, a car accident reportedly left a mother and her teenage daughter suffering from serious injuries; the driver who caused the accident was recently sentenced after pleading guilty to charges stemming from the cash.

Maryland pedestrian accident sends teenager to hospital

Buses are equipped with a variety of different safety measures to help ensure that other drivers can easily see them. Additionally, there are several different laws in place designed to protect children as they board school buses. Unfortunately, when drivers fail to obey these laws, the lives of children are put at risk. In fact, a Maryland teenager was recently hospitalized following a pedestrian accident that happened while he was attempting to board a school bus.

1 killed, 2 critically injured in Maryland car accident

Most people are aware of the risks associated with traveling in a motor vehicle. Though they take action to protect themselves, including driving defensively, there is often little they can do to avoid the negligent actions of others on the roadway. Unfortunately, a recent car accident in Maryland has resulted in one fatality and sent two people to the hospital.

Felony charges re fatal Maryland motor vehicle accident

When driving on Maryland roadways, there are a variety of different types of drivers. Even though most people are committed to taking measures to ensure their personal safety as well as the safety of those in their vicinity, there are others who take risky actions, such as driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, that put both themselves and others at risk. In fact, law enforcement officials believe that a recent fatal motor vehicle accident was the result of an impaired driver.

Maryland motor vehicle accident declared mass casualty incident

Most parents in Maryland go to great lengths to protect their children. Parents often research the best car seats and safest vehicles, and always ensure that their children are appropriately strapped in. Unfortunately, even the most safety-minded parents cannot completely safeguard their children. In fact, multiple children were reportedly injured following a recent motor vehicle accident.  

1 part of the Capital Beltway sees more motor vehicle accidents

Most Silver Spring residents travel the Capital Beltway at one time or another. Even when they don't witness motor vehicle accidents, they hear about them in the news. The number of crashes that occur each year may not surprise those who live in the area, but there is one stretch of the highway that seems to see more accidents than the others. In fact, between Sept. 1, 2017 and Aug. 31, 2018, the Capital Beltway saw around 3,463 wrecks.

Defense fails to link motor vehicle accidents to woman's case

Every day can bring either unexpected surprises or tragedies. Sadly, one never knows when events such as motor vehicle accidents will occur that leave devastation behind them. For one Maryland man, an ordinary meeting with fellow Boy Scout leaders led to his death in a senseless car crash.

Passengers in motor vehicle accidents often collect damages

In Maryland and other states, when there is a one-vehicle accident there may nonetheless be a claim for injury or death damages arising out of the accident. That would be the case when a passenger in the vehicle was seriously injured or killed due to the driver's negligence. Although negligent drivers cannot normally collect personal injury or death damages from motor vehicle accidents involving solely their own vehicles, a claim may accrue to an innocent passenger in the vehicle.

Motor vehicle accidents: 3 children dead after multi-car crash

Maryland families and others around the country travel together a lot during this time of year. Whether just down the street for errands or out of town for gatherings, the holidays see the roadways busier than usual. With more traffic, it is also more likely for motor vehicle accidents to occur. While most of the accidents are minor, some can be devastating. A recent multi-car crash in Prince George's County claimed the lives of three small children.

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