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Protecting Victims Of Nursing Home Negligence

There is no excuse for a nursing home to ever let an elderly person suffer neglect or abuse. If a loved one has been victimized by caregivers, you need to speak up to protect your loved one and others. We can help you. Richin & Gaines, P.A., has experience holding nursing homes accountable.

Signs Of Nursing Home Neglect Or Abuse

Unfortunately, some victims aren’t able to tell anyone they’re being neglected or abused. Dementia may have robbed them of their ability to communicate. Those who can communicate may be afraid to speak up out of fear of retaliation by the staff. Often, it’s a loved one who notices signs of abuse and neglect. That is why it is important to be vigilant and watch for both physical and nonphysical signs.

Warning signs of nursing home neglect and abuse include:

  • Bedsores, which indicate that a patient isn’t being changed or turned often enough
  • Dehydration or malnutrition, including rapid weight loss
  • Soiled bedding or clothing
  • Bruises, unexplained scratches, welts or wounds
  • The presence of new illnesses, including sexually transmitted diseases
  • Sudden changes in mental status, including sleep disorders

Suspect Abuse Or Neglect? Speak To Us Right Away.

If you believe your senior relative is being neglected or abused, it’s important to act right away. At Richin & Gaines, P.A., our lawyers are dedicated to protecting victims of nursing home negligence and elder neglect. We know what action to take to protect your loved ones and to hold staff and facilities accountable for their negligence. Do not wait to speak to us if you suspect abuse or neglect.

Call 301-960-5709 or send us an email to arrange a free consultation. Our office is in downtown Silver Spring. Our attorneys assist people with nursing home abuse cases in D.C. and throughout Maryland.