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Family alleging nursing home negligence after father's death

Many Maryland families and others around the country have to make decisions about providing care to their elderly parents. Often, nursing homes and other skilled care facilities are chosen to provide medical and basic life services. Certainly, much thought and consideration go into selecting a facility that offers quality care and ensures the safety of its residents. Unfortunately, every facility does not live up to these expectations. A family in another state believes that a facility is guilty of nursing home negligence after their father passed away soon after leaving the location.

After the man retired, he had experienced declining health. His family had visited numerous facilities and had chosen a particular one based on the knowledge that the care provided was superior to others they had seen. They were willing to pay the extra fees in order to be confident that their father was receiving the care he needed.

Premises liability lawsuits can follow poolside slips and trips

Spending time at the poolside is par for the course at this time of the year, and so is accidental slip-and-fall injuries. In Maryland, hosts are always responsible for the safety of their guests, whether they be private homeowners or hospitality facilities like hotels or resorts. When such incidents cause injuries, the victims might have grounds to file premises liability lawsuits against the property owner.

Wet surfaces cause many of the safety hazards around swimming pools, and property owners must look out for and repair low spots where water can form puddles. Algae growth can cause extremely slippery conditions, and can occur on constantly wet surfaces. Trip hazards must also be addressed, such as uneven surfaces, anchors for the pool cover and random objects around the pool.

Defense fails to link motor vehicle accidents to woman's case

Every day can bring either unexpected surprises or tragedies. Sadly, one never knows when events such as motor vehicle accidents will occur that leave devastation behind them. For one Maryland man, an ordinary meeting with fellow Boy Scout leaders led to his death in a senseless car crash.

The accident occurred in 2017. The 73-year-old Boy Scout commissioner was meeting other leaders at a local restaurant when a vehicle came hurtling through the establishment's wall. The man was critically injured in the crash and died a week later of his injuries. The woman driving the vehicle was charged with vehicular manslaughter.

Falls kill about 1,800 U.S. nursing home residents annually

Many older Americans have age-related factors affecting them that make them more prone to falling. Many of them live in facilities that do not always make every effort to prevent resident falls. Together, this can be a deadly combination. If you have a parent or other loved one living in a nursing home or assisted living facility, you may have legitimate cause for concern.

Industrial Safety & Hygiene News reports that about 1,800 nursing home residents across the nation die every year because of fall-related injuries. Additionally, the average American nursing home housing 100 or so residents reports between 100 and 200 resident falls every year. It is important to note, though, that this number refers specifically to the number of falls – suggesting the true figure could be higher.

Medical malpractice: CDC says most maternal deaths preventable

Welcoming a new life into the world is supposed to be a joyous occasion for parents, but for some it can be tragic. Maternal death in Maryland and across the rest of the United States is startlingly high, and the problem does not seem to be getting any better. Even more upsetting is that many of these deaths could be linked to instances of medical malpractice.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recently reported that approximately 700 women in the United States die due to pregnancy-related complications annually. In its report, the CDC also stated that 60% of those deaths are preventable. These results were based on data collected between 2011 and 2015.

Man files medical malpractice lawsuit after failure to diagnose

Maryland residents go to the emergency department of their hospitals for a variety of reasons. Certainly, people go to the ER in the event of an accident or trauma. They also go if their regular physicians are not available and they are experiencing symptoms that have to be evaluated in a timely manner. Unfortunately, not every patient who visits an ER is satisfactorily treated. A medical malpractice lawsuit was recently filed in another state after a man claimed that a hospital and its staff were negligent in their treatment of him.

A man was experiencing weakness in his extremities when he arrived at the emergency department of his local hospital. Although the man reportedly could no longer walk, he was sent home after being examined and prescribed a sedative. The man was later seen at home by a physician who was a family friend. He was diagnosed as having Guillain-Barré syndrome. The man, who was in constant pain, was also disabled.

How to prevent dog and animal bites

Dogs and other pets are often considered to be "part of the family" in many Maryland households and others around the country. While most owners can't envision their pets attacking someone, the reality is that dog and animal bites are actually quite common. As Dog Bite Prevention Week approaches, experts want to focus on how to keep bites from occurring.

Statistics show that most bites happen with familiar dogs, either a family's own pet or one belonging to a friend. Therefore, it is easier to observe an animal's typical behavior and note anything that might trigger aggressive behavior. Children are often the target of dog bites, according to reports. Animal care and control workers stress the need to train children -- and  adults -- on how to properly behave around dogs to prevent bites.

The importance of a social media blackout after a car accident

Social media has changed numerous aspects of everyday life. A vast majority of Americans log onto some social media website at least once a day, and research suggests the average person will spend roughly five years of his or her life on social media. 

People often share every aspect of their lives on social media. There is nothing inherently wrong with that except when it comes to car accidents. After a collision, you want to keep the details sparse online until the claims process is complete. 

Family awarded almost $1 million in medical malpractice lawsuit

Many strides have been made in the treatment of cancer patients in Maryland and elsewhere across the country. Patients typically follow a treatment plan established by their physicians to combat the disease. Unfortunately, one man died after he was forced to stop his treatment because of complications that arose following a surgical procedure. The man's family recently learned that they would receive nearly $1 million from a medical malpractice lawsuit in another state.

According to reports, a man had a gastric bypass in 2015. The man spent 55 days in the hospital with numerous complications, such as a herniation, a bowel perforation and respiratory failure. During his hospitalization, he had to undergo several surgeries. In 2018, the man's bowel perforated again, thus requiring him to stop his cancer treatments. The family filed the lawsuit, claiming that the doctor failed to conduct necessary tests following the surgery in 2015 that subsequently led to the complications years later.

Senate committee hears accounts of nursing home negligence

When loved ones are no longer able to care for themselves, many Maryland residents make the decision to seek care from skilled nursing facilities. Certainly, the expectation is that their family members will receive appropriate medical treatment, assistance in daily life activities and respect from all staff members. Sadly, this is not the case for some facilities. In fact, the incidents of reported nursing home negligence and abuse has prompted a recent hearing before a Senate committee.

The nation's Senate Committee on Finance heard detailed accounts of neglect and abuse that had occurred at nursing homes from several states all across the country. One woman shared how her mother, an Alzheimer's sufferer, had been sexually assaulted. Another woman testified that a skilled care facility had received high rankings from their state, yet had to pay fines for verbally and abusing patients just one year before her mother passed away there.

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