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Charm City ranks sixth in dog and animal bites

According to the United States Postal Service, the number of dog bites involving its workers decreased during the past year, but the overall numbers are still high. The USPS reported there were over 6,000 attacks on postal workers in Maryland and across the country. That is 500 fewer dog and animal bites than the year before.

While the numbers were down statewide, Baltimore ranked sixth in the country with 44 animal attacks last year, eight more than the number of reported cases in 2016. Postal Service Safety Directors contribute the decrease to continued education, training and advanced technology that alerts carriers to dogs on their routes. The same scanners used to confirm deliveries can also indicate the presence of a dog.

433 people died from dog bites between 2005 and 2017

Imagine that you live next door to a dog owner, and their pet hasn't exactly been the nicest dog since you've known them. To be fair, the dog has never attacked or done anything vicious -- but the animal lacks that joyful demeanor that many other dogs have. As the months pass, you think nothing of the dog owner and the animal itself. Until one day, as you are walking towards your home after work, the dog starts barking and runs at you, attacking and biting you all over your body.

You suffer serious injuries that require hospitalization. Your medical bills are immense, and the pain and suffering you endure in the following weeks and months is incalculable. Sadly, cases like this are far more common than you would think. And sometimes, the victim suffers far worse than this.

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