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Did your car accident cause moderate TBI?

Car crashes can lead to traumatic injuries that can continue to affect your life for years to come. Most of them fall into the category of those you immediately know about, while others can develop over time.

Traumatic brain injury is likely if the accident injured your head; however, it may be present even if you do not recall sustaining a direct impact to the head. As with any type of accident, follow the usual steps including documentation and seeking medical attention. In addition, it is important to understand that your initial emergency room or doctor's visit may not have revealed the full extent of your injuries.

Dog and animal bites can have life-long consequences

Many families in Maryland have dogs or other pets that are treated like children, and while most people believe their dogs will not bite anyone, the fact is that some do. Dog and animal bites can cause severe physical wounds that leave scars for life along with emotional trauma. Significant medical expenses can also be incurred in a dog attack, and if the victims are children, they might never outgrow their fear for dogs.

Learning to recognize warning signs of aggression in animals might help to avoid being attacked. The most common cause for dogs to become aggressive is fear. If a dog feels threatened, it might respond in defense by attacking the source of its anxiety. Many dogs are possessive, and they will protect toys, food and other objects -- even people -- with all their might. They will typically growl to warn people not to come closer and attack if the warning is ignored.

Family awarded $130 million in medical malpractice lawsuit

Seeing a child suffer from a chronic medical condition would be a nightmare for any parent, in Maryland or elsewhere. Knowing that the child's condition was caused by the negligence of others would make the situation even more devastating. A family in another state whose son was handicapped after the actions of health care personnel was recently awarded over $130 million in a medical malpractice lawsuit.

Reports show that a baby boy was born prematurely in 2016 with a prenatal kidney condition. The baby was released from the hospital after 48 hours, though he was to be brought back for further testing. The testing revealed that the baby also suffered from lupus.

Lawsuit filed for nursing home negligence and wrongful death

When loved ones enter a skilled care facility in Maryland or elsewhere in the nation, their family members expect a certain standard of care from the staff. Reasonable expectations would include proper medical care, cleanliness of the facility, professionalism of the staff and appropriate treatment of the patient. Unfortunately, not every facility meets these basic standards. Recently, a woman in another state filed a nursing home negligence and wrongful death lawsuit against a medical center for the actions of the facility in caring for her father.

The woman initially observed her father in pain from severe bedsores when the nursing staff was turning him. The bedsores, or pressure sores, result from patients not being turned frequently enough when they are bedridden. The sores can become septic, or severely infected, if not treated properly. The lawsuit states that the woman was not made aware of how serious her father's bedsores actually were. He had to be taken to the hospital numerous times for surgeries and intravenous antibiotics for sepsis care before his death.

Medical malpractice and fraud claims made against surgeon

Thousands of Maryland residents and other patients elsewhere undergo back surgery every year. Those suffering from various back ailments often hope that surgery will provide relief from their constant pain and discomfort. Instead of relief, however, alleged mistakes during a back surgery left one man in another state confined to a wheelchair. The man filed a medical malpractice lawsuit against the surgeon who performed the operation several years ago.

In 2015, a factory worker went to a hospital for an MRI after he had injured his back. The test showed a lesion on his lower back. At the time, the neurosurgeon told the man he would end up in a wheelchair if a procedure was not done soon to remove the lesion. Unfortunately, the MRI was misread, thus prompting the surgical team to operate on the wrong section of the spine.

Can you still seek compensation if you did not wear a seat belt?

It can be much harder in Maryland to recover compensation for the injuries you suffer in a car accident. This is because Maryland uses contributory negligence law, meaning if you are even slightly responsible for causing the accident, you might not be able to collect any compensation.

In comparison, many other states let injured parties collect compensation as long as their responsibility for the accident was under 50 percent. They receive reduced damages by the amount of fault. For example, in a $100,000 compensation case where the injured party is 30 percent responsible, the person would collect $70,000. In Maryland, that person could get nothing.

Distracted driving can cause motor vehicle accidents

Car crashes touch the lives of everyone involved. Today, one family is mourning the loss of their loved one after another car veered into him along a two-lane road in Maryland. These types of motor vehicle accidents can happen easily when one driver is distracted.

The man who was killed was said to be standing alongside his silver sedan when he was hit. Authorities say the accident occurred shortly after 2:00 in the morning. Officials say that another sedan was driving north when it veered across traffic and struck the man and his car. He was rushed to the University of Maryland Shock Trauma Center, where he later died because of his serious injuries.

Dog and animal bites and the threat of rabies

Most people think it takes a bite from a rabid animal to come down with rabies. What many people do not know is that dog and animal bites are not the only way to contract the disease. Scratches, abrasions or even saliva from an infected animal can transmit the virus. Since 2008 in Maryland and all other states, there have been only 23 confirmed cases of human rabies.

A spokesman for the Infectious Diseases Society of America says after an animal bite, symptoms may take several days, weeks or even months to surface. Some people experience flu-like symptoms, while others may only have discomfort around the bite area. Once infected, humans can experience excessive salivation, anxiety, hallucinations and confusion. Rabies invades the central nervous system and brain and can be fatal if not treated immediately

Medical malpractice suit leads to massive settlement

At 17, a girl's main concerns should be proms, parties and hanging out with friends. Unfortunately, one young lady is serving a life sentence in a hospital bed with round-the-clock medical care because of a doctor's negligence. In Maryland and elsewhere, families have filed medical malpractice lawsuits hoping to secure enough money to provide a lifetime of care for their loved ones.

The girl was 10 years old when she sustained crippling injuries to her back. During her initial surgery, metal rods and screws were inserted to straighten her spine. The rods compressed the girl's spinal cord, causing numbness to her legs and arms. She is now sentenced to life in a wheelchair with no bladder or bowel control because of the procedure.

Family settles medical malpractice lawsuit with hospital

Preparing for the birth of a child is a celebratory time in a family's life, but when things go wrong, they can cause emotional, physical and psychological trauma to everyone involved. One family in Maryland recently received a settlement for medical malpractice because their child was born with cerebral palsy. A jury determined that the hospital deprived their son of oxygen by delaying the mother's C-section.

The birth was scheduled at home with a midwife, but the mother could not safely deliver the baby. She was rushed to the hospital, where she waited two long hours for blood tests before the C-section was performed. Her son developed cerebral palsy that has left him unable to sit up, speak or walk because of the delayed surgery.

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