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Premises liability: Tips for injured victims

On Behalf of | Jul 3, 2019 | Premises Liability |

Maryland residents are in the midst of annual summer festivities, and with so much to see and do, people may not realize the potential to be injured at places and events that are supposed to be fun. Unfortunately, there is the potential for harm to befall a person while he or she is trying to have an enjoyable day. Each year, hundreds of people are injured at fairs, parades, water parks and other summer staples. When it comes to premises liability, there are a few tips for victims to keep in mind. 

Experts advise that a victim try to keep good documentation of the events immediately following an injury. Having proof of how much a victim had to spend on things like doctor visits, medical supplies and other accident-related expenses is important to document for a court to see how an injury caused a person to incur monetary damages. Victims are advised to keep in mind that even injuries that may seem accidental may be the fault of the property owner. For example, if a person trips and falls due to an unmarked hazard, like a pot hole or a wet floor, there may be a claim for negligence against the owner and/or party in possession of the property. 

Experts further advise that a victim be honest about how much he or she is suffering. Sometimes a victim will try to put on a brave face so as not to ruin an event, such as a long-awaited family vacation. This is not advisable, because if a person posts pictures or videos on social media having a “good time” after being injured, the claim may not be taken seriously in court. 

Maryland victims of premises liability injuries often find the days and weeks that follow the incident to be overwhelming. Medical bills, insurance matters and physical pain and suffering can compound the stress. Many victims choose to consult a personal injury attorney. An attorney can help a victim pursue full financial accountability from the party or parties deemed responsible for all documented injuries. 

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