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Medical malpractice lawsuit settled before trial starts

On Behalf of | Dec 31, 2019 | Medical Malpractice |

When people in Maryland are experiencing a great deal of pain or other symptoms of illness, they put their trust in doctors to discover and treat the cause. While most health care workers are experienced professionals, a mistake can have serious consequences. Unfortunately, a recently settled medical malpractice lawsuit claims that negligence was a factor in a woman’s death.

The case involved the death of a 34-year-old woman. According to court documents, the woman visited an emergency room due to severe abdominal pain. Reports indicate that doctors performed surgery and endoscopy as a result of a stomach ulcer. A biopsy was taken during these procedures, but the lawsuit claims that doctors did not take a sufficient number of tissue samples and that the sample was taken from an incorrect location, resulting in an incorrect finding that the samples were benign.

Unfortunately, the woman was later diagnosed with stage IV cancer and passed away. An expert testifying on behalf of the plaintiff in the case claims that diagnosing the woman’s cancer at the time of her surgery would have increased her chances of survival. The defendants, however, claim that the cancer had already metastasized at the time and an earlier diagnosis would not have impacted the outcome. Despite this claim, the parties opted to settle the case for just under $1.8 million before the case went to trial.

There are few people in Maryland and across the country who can say that their lives have not been touched by cancer in some way. While in some cases there may be little that can be done, early detection and treatment is important. A delayed diagnosis, such as in this case, can have serious consequences. Often, those who are a victim of medical malpractice are unsure of their legal options, but consulting with an experienced personal injury attorney could be the first step to ensuring that others do not suffer from similar negligence in the future.

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