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What are possible dangers from cuts or lacerations?

On Behalf of | Apr 15, 2022 | Blog, Premises Liability |

When you shop in a place of business in Maryland, you do not expect to suffer a fall onto a hard floor. Unfortunately, due to the negligence of a business owner or manager, sometimes a customer slips and falls. Experiencing a sudden drop to the ground may result in a cut or laceration which could prove to be serious.

Skin wounds can vary in severity. Hopefully, you would only suffer a minor cut that you could treat at home, but as WebMD explains, some cuts and lacerations may be life-threatening.

Severe bleeding

A skin wound can be dangerous shortly after your fall has occurred. You may experience intense bleeding or the wound may spurt blood. Stopping the bleeding will be critical. Some wounds are so severe that the bleeding does not stop even after minutes of applying pressure with a towel or other piece of cloth. This is an emergency situation that will require the timely intervention of paramedics.


Even if it seems like you can treat your wound at home without going to a hospital or a doctor’s office, you should consider the possibility of infection. A skin cut or laceration opens up your skin to dangerous pathogens like bacteria. An infected wound can produce redness or swelling, and may also secrete pus.

A serious wound will likely necessitate treatment from a doctor, which may include a wound cleaning, stitches and bandages, though your doctor might also numb the wound and check for any further damage if necessary. From there, your doctor could recommend a tetanus shot or a booster and possibly antibiotics to ward off infections.

Other complications

A skin wound may lead to different health problems. The fall might have damaged some of your nerves. You could manifest symptoms of nerve problems if a part of your body feels numb or you cannot move it. Your healing progress is also something to watch. If your cut or laceration is not healing after a few days or a week, consider seeing your doctor.

Receiving treatment as early as possible may prevent the worst outcomes from occurring. If a property owner was liable for your fall and injury, you might have a case for damages.

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