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Common slip and fall risks at the grocery store

On Behalf of | Nov 15, 2022 | Premises Liability |

Going to the grocery store is a mundane errand, and that is all it should ever be. You should not have to anticipate that a simple shopping trip will result in a devastating slip-and-fall injury.

Business owners have an obligation to maintain safe conditions for their patrons and customers, but unfortunately, the risk of an accident is never completely absent. You can protect yourself and even prepare a strong premises liability case if necessary by knowing some of the common slip and fall hazards that exist in grocery stores.

Loose flooring

Customers can easily slip on loose tiles that are the result of faulty maintenance practices. Unsecured rugs and upturned carpeting present a similar risk to shoppers.

Wet floors

Store personnel must place a wet floor sign after cleaning or else the store will be on the wrong end of a liability claim. Spills and leaks can also be slipping hazards, but keep in mind that the store is only liable for an injury if the staff has ample time and opportunity to address the problem.

Poor sidewalk maintenance

Cracks and breaks in the sidewalk outside a grocery store are also the responsibility of the business owner. The store is also responsible for keeping exterior walkways safe during icy conditions in the winter and should follow ice management best practices to prevent exterior slips and falls.

Keeping public retail spaces safe is the responsibility of commercial property owners, but you can do your part to prevent personal injury by being aware of the most common hazards. If a catastrophic slip and fall does occur, you likely have grounds to pursue the business for compensation.

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