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The prevalence of falls among older adults

On Behalf of | Jun 27, 2023 | Blog, Premises Liability |

Every year, a significant number of older adults (those 65 and older) fall down. Sadly, these injuries can become particularly devastating for older people, whether they lose the ability to live independently or have an especially hard recovery due to the physical toll of the accident.

Age-related issues contribute to some of these falls, but many older adults fall down due to the carelessness of others, such as negligent business owners. It is crucial for older adults and property owners to understand the prevalence and impact of these accidents.

Data on falls involving older adults

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says that roughly 36 million older adult falls become reported every year (and many falls go unreported). An older adult falls down every second of the day, and roughly 3 million receive emergency department treatment following a fall. 20% of falls result in injuries, and the vast majority of hip fractures occur due to falls (95%).

Aside from injuries, some falls prove fatal. Sadly, over 32,000 older adults lose their lives after falling down on an annual basis.

Moving forward after a fall involving an older adult

It is critical for older adults and their loved ones to focus on the recovery process in the aftermath of a fall. Physical, financial and emotional needs often require careful consideration. Aside from an older adult’s well-being, it is important for families to go over the details of the fall closely and determine whether the negligence of another party contributed to the accident.

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