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What are signs a senior is suffering from dehydration?

On Behalf of | Jul 14, 2023 | Blog, Nursing Home Negligence |

It is the duty of any nursing home staff to provide proper care to residents, including making sure they receive sufficient liquids. If you have a loved one in a home who may not be getting enough water, one way to tell is to check for possible signs of dehydration.

A lack of water is particularly dangerous for seniors, so it is crucial to recognize dehydration as early as possible. Dehydration can produce subtle or obvious symptoms.

Fatigue and confusion

Your loved one could complain about feeling tired for no apparent reason. While seniors can experience fatigue due to various health conditions or age, the existence of other problems related to dehydration could indicate your relative has not been drinking enough liquids. These symptoms include unusual bouts of confusion, dizziness, or a strong feeling of thirst.

Abnormal sweating

Dehydration may also show itself through an excessive amount of sweating, which can further deprive the body of fluids. Additionally, your loved one may suffer from a fever, which in turn can cause dehydration or make it worse.

Digestive and bowel disorders

Bowel problems indicating dehydration can include an increase or decrease in urination, or also dark urine. Sometimes a dangerous lack of liquids leads to vomiting or bouts of diarrhea, or dark or bloody stool. These symptoms further deplete the body of fluids and worsen dehydration.

Sometimes dehydration results from a medical condition, such as defective kidneys. However, if you find that neglect in care has worsened the health of your relative, you may consider steps to safeguard your senior family member from further harm.

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