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What are some signs of a drowsy driver near you?

On Behalf of | Jul 26, 2023 | Blog, Motor Vehicle Accidents |

When you notice another car on the road near you that is moving around strangely, the driver may be showing signs of drowsiness. Being able to tell what drowsiness looks like and how it makes people act while driving is key when you are in an accident.

The negligence of another driver can greatly impact how safe you are on the road. Knowing more about the signs of a dangerously sleepy driver is key.

Head turned downward

According to the Centers for Disease Control, if the person following you does not look up while operating the vehicle or appears to only face downward, they could be falling asleep. A lack of reaction, when the car drifts into another lane, is another indication they are not awake. This driver may also rapidly blink their eyes in order to try to stay alert while sleepy.

Hands off the wheel

If you see the person’s hands fall off the wheel or not move as they continue to drive along, they could suffer from exhaustion. This tiredness can come from a lack of sleep or even medications that cause drowsiness.

Odd turns or missed lights

When a car near you drives through a red light or stop sign without stopping, the driver may not have any awareness of what is going on around them. This dangerous fatigue they are experiencing can make them crash into pedestrians and other vehicles around them.

No matter what kind of problems you notice while on the road, being aware of what drowsiness looks like can help you.

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