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What are some signs of neglectful nursing home staff?

On Behalf of | Nov 2, 2023 | Blog, Nursing Home Negligence |

In the twilight years of life, many individuals find solace in nursing homes, trusting that the staff will provide the care and attention they need. However, neglectful nursing home staff can shatter this trust and jeopardize the well-being of vulnerable residents.

Family members and friends need to learn more about signs indicating potential negligence.

Unexplained injuries or health deterioration

One of the most glaring signs of neglect is the presence of unexplained injuries or a sudden decline in the resident’s health. Bruises, fractures or bedsores that go unaddressed may indicate a lack of proper monitoring and care. Regular health assessments and prompt attention to injuries are fundamental aspects of responsible nursing home care.

Poor personal hygiene

Nursing home staff may neglect residents’ personal hygiene needs, resulting in poor grooming, unwashed clothes or foul odors. Maintaining a clean and healthy living environment is important for the physical and mental well-being of residents. Families should be attentive to any signs of neglect in this area.

Malnutrition or dehydration

A decline in a resident’s nutritional or hydration status is a serious concern. Negligent staff may overlook meal schedules and dietary restrictions or fail to ensure residents receive adequate fluids. Unexplained weight loss or weakness should warrant immediate investigation.

Social isolation

Social interaction is an important element of a resident’s well-being. Neglectful nursing home staff may overlook residents’ emotional needs. Social isolation can lead to depression, anxiety and a diminished quality of life.

Medication mismanagement

Proper administration of medication is important in a nursing home setting. Neglect may happen through missed doses, incorrect medications or inadequate monitoring of medication effects. With almost 9 out of 10 American adults 65 and older taking at least one medication as of 2019, staying aware of this problem is key.

Families must remain calm and collected if any red flags emerge. By keeping a cool head, they can work to ensure that their loved one receives the care and attention they rightfully deserve.

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